The transportation vision contained in the Westphalia Sector Plan calls for a comprehensively planned transit - and pedestrian-friendly community. Build-out envisioned in the sector is predicated on the development of a specially designed road network to support the mixed-use development pattern. The sector plan provides for the improvement or extension of existing arterial, collector, or industrial roads or for the construction of new arterial, collector, or primary roads. The planning, engineering design, and construction of these projects are largely anticipated to be completed by project developers.

Improvements to 4 main intersections along MD 4 are also required to support the ultimate build-out of the sector. Various projects are tied to 3 intersections, while the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is responsible for the 4th. Smith Home Farm (the developer of Parkside) and other developers in the northern portion of the Westphalia Sector are largely responsible for improvements to the Westphalia Road and MD 4 intersection. The Town Center is largely responsible for interchange improvements at MD 4 and Melwood/Woodyard Roads and Dower House Road. SHA will make improvements to the MD 4 and Suitland Parkway Intersection. SHA is currently acquiring property to accommodate the necessary improvements at that intersection.
Map of the Transportation Infrastructure