Addison Road-Seat Pleasant

Transit-friendly land uses are encouraged by the plan in this town center. Flexible zoning, land use and design controls allow for compact, mixed uses consisting of professional offices, retail shopping, service commercial, a town green, public meeting facilities, and single-family and multifamily units within easy walking distance of this station. 

Addison Road Metrorail Station

  • Located at the intersection of Central Avenue (MD 214) and Addison Road near the District of Columbia.
  • The nearest communities are the Wilburn Estates and Peppermill Village, both predominately residential developments.
  • The General Plan places this station in the Developed Tier and classifies it as a Community Center.
  • The sector Plan proposes a twon center near the Addison Road Metro Station.
  • Access is via Central Avenue (MD 214), Addison Road, and Walker Mill Road.

Summary of Allowable Uses

The land uses planned within one-half mile of the Metro station are commercial, office, and retail. The Addison Road Metro Town Center Sector Plan (2000) is the applicable master plan for this Metro station area. 

Sites in Public Ownership

WMATA owns12.0 acres including the station and parking area. The County’s Redevelopment Authority owns approximately 21 acres of residentially zoned land within one-half mile of the station and 2 acres of mixed-use zoned land directly across from the station.

Quick Facts

  • Bike Parking: There are 16 bike racks available at this station.
  • Car Sharing is available at this station.
  • Parking
    • 1,268-space structured lot
    • 50-space metered surface lot
  • Transit
    • 5 The Bus Routes
    • 14 Metrobus Routes
  • Transit Ridership
    • 3,723 entries
    • 3,787 exits

Addison Road Metro Area Approved Sector Plan

Learn about the approved sector plan and sectional map amendment for Addison Road Metro Area.