Submit a Complaint

Types of Complaints

There are generally two categories into which a complaint may be classified:
  • On or off-duty conduct which violates federal, state or local laws, or which violates Park Police policies or procedures (unnecessary force, unwarranted police actions, and discourtesy)
  • Neglect of duty: any police conduct required by department regulations but not performed by the officer

File a Complaint

All Park Police personnel are required to receive complaints courteously and to assist individuals with filing them. There are several ways to file a complaint, including the following:
  1. Come to Park Police Headquarters and speak with a supervisor. Frequently, questions and concerns can be answered and resolved most expediently this way. To document a complaint, fill out a Complaint Concerning Police Practices Form online and provide a written record of your complaint.
  2. Contact Park Police at the non-emergency number, 301-459-9088, and ask to speak to a supervisor. Many concerns can be handled this way. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately, the supervisor will mail a Complaint Concerning Police Practices form which can be completed and returned through the mail.
  3. Send Park Police a letter detailing the complaint. Please be sure to include your address and your daytime and evening phone numbers so someone can contact you for additional information.
  4. Electronically submit a detailed written record of your complaint to Internal Affairs.

Investigation Process

Supervisory personnel of the Park Police will investigate all complaints received. This investigation may include:
  • Interviews (of witnesses and officers)
  • Review of departmental records, policies, and procedures
  • Inspections of medical records and photographs
  • Legal analysis

Administrative Hearing

Once the investigation is complete, the Park Police Division Chief may recommend disciplinary actions based on the complaint and information obtained during the investigation. If the officer contests this action, an administrative hearing will be scheduled. Should you be asked to testify at an administrative hearing, you will receive instructions from Internal Affairs Services regarding what will be required. The attorney representing M-NCPPC at the hearing will ensure that your rights are protected.


All persons filing complaints will receive a letter following the investigation process or the administrative hearing which will indicate the outcome of the process.