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Death Benefits

The ERS provides service-connected and non-service connected death benefits for participants who die while active employees.

The Plan Document specifies the primary and contingent beneficiaries:
  • The primary beneficiary is an eligible spouse.
  • The contingent beneficiaries are eligible children (under the age of 18, under the age of 23, if a full-time student, or regardless of age, if permanently disabled).
A spouse may be excluded but eligible children cannot be excluded from benefits. If the participant does not leave a surviving spouse or eligible children, a lump sum benefit is paid to the member’s listed beneficiary (ies).

Beneficiary designations can be changed any time. It is very important to keep beneficiary information up to date.

Refer to the Fact Sheet, Designating a Beneficiary - Active Members for additional information.

Death benefits vary by plan. To learn more, refer to the Plan Document or the Summary Plan Description.