Echoes of the Enslaved

Since 2019, the Office of Archaeology has been hosting this unique, two-day commemoration which highlights decades of archaeological discoveries and addresses the lasting legacies of chattel slavery in Prince George’s County.

The Echoes of the Enslaved events are in partnership with The Slave Dwelling Project, a non-profit whose vision is to encourage a “more truthful and inclusive narrative of the history of the nation that honors the contributions of all our people." Joseph McGill, founder of The Slave Dwelling Project, has taken his message of historic preservation and heritage to over 23 states and Washington, D.C., ensuring that the places where enslaved families lived and passed on their culture will be here for future generations.

These unique two-day events have panel discussions, conversations circles where we discuss topics related to lasting legacies of chattel slavery, public archaeological experiences, and overnight camping at the sites where enslaved ancestors once lived. Be sure to explore this year's events, as well as the photos and videos from years past. 


Echoes of the Enslaved Conversations & Archaeology

A man and a girl holding a small object at an archaeological dig site
A crowd of people watching a panel discussion underneath a large tent
A group of people in camping gear sitting around a campfire at night
Five people in conversation at an outdoor archaeological dig site
Four panelists sitting on stage with mics and speakers under a tent
A large yellow tent setup outdoors in the evening
Small rock-like archaeological artifacts in a container with a mesh metal bottom
Two young women with shovels digging at an archaeological site
A young girl in a pink shirt under a tent at an archaeological dig site
A woman in a crowd speaking into a microphone at an panel event
Three people outdoors sitting in camping chairs at night
A woman sitting in a camping chair outside at night

Echoes of the Enslaved September 10, 2021:

The Pursuit of Liberty Panel Discussion, Conversation Circles, and Optional Overnight Camping  

Marietta House Museum was once a site where enslaved families lived, labored, and pursued liberty. Through archeology, we are preserving their stories by uncovering what they left behind.  We invite you to join us for our annual event, Echoes of the Enslaved. 

Let’s honor the stories of those who once spent their lives here and share our own. Participate with us online or in-person as we partner with The Slave Dwelling Project to engage in these timely conversations about the legacies of slavery, the endless pursuit of civil rights, and the landscapes that are perpetually changing around us. Register for all the events with Parks Direct!

Watch the live-streamed Pursuit of Liberty Panel Discussion! 

Date: Friday, September 10, 2021
(In-Person and Online)

Time: 6 pm  

Marietta House Museum
5626 Bell Station Rd.,
Glenn Dale Maryland 20769

Registration: Register with Parks Direct!

6:00 pm – In-Person & Live-Streamed Community Town Hall Panel Discussion:

Discussion featuring Joe McGill, founder and director of The Slave Dwelling Project, Will Thomas, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education at the University of Nebraska, and Dennis Smith, former mayor of Glenarden, Maryland

7:30 pm – In-Person Conversation Circles & Optional Overnight Campout Experience:  

After the discussion, we will gather around campfires to discuss the lasting legacies of slavery on this nation. Afterwards, you are invited to bring your outdoor gear and spend the night under the same sky where many ancestors once slept.  

Accessing the September 10, 2021 Events:  

In-person via pre-registration: Pre-registration is mandatory. Register through Parks Direct!

Online via YouTube: Watch the Live-Streamed Event Here 

Echoes of the Enslaved September 11, 2021:

Public Archaeology and Performance by The Washington Revels Jubilee Voices

Marietta House Museum was once the site where enslaved families lived and labored. Through archeology, we are preserving their stories through what they have left behind. We invite you to join us for our annual event Echoes of the Enslaved. Let’s celebrate, preserve, and honor the stories of those who once spent their lives here. 

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2021
(In-Person Only) 

Time: Jubilee Voices Performance @10:30 am & Public Archaeology Experience @1 pm 

Marietta House Museum
5626 Bell Station Rd.,
Glenn Dale Maryland 20769 

10:30 am – 11:30 am  Washington Revels Jubilee Voices

Saturday morning will feature an in-person performance by the Washington Revels Jubilee Voices ensemble to celebrate the enslaved community of Marietta. We will also commemorate the people who were lost 20 years ago during the terrorist attacks that struck the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and on Flight 93.  

Registration: Register with Parks Direct!

1:00 pm - The Public Archaeology Experience 

Saturday afternoon will highlight the historical discoveries at Marietta and will include an in-person public archaeology experience where participants will process real artifacts that were discovered in the areas where enslaved families once lived.  

Registration: Register with Parks Direct

Accessing the September 11, 2021 Events:  

In-person via registration: Pre-registration is required. Register through Parks Direct!

Watch our 2020 Virtual Echoes of the Enslaved: A Legacy of Colonization and Enslavement