Industrial Zones

I-1: Light Industrial

Light intensity manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution uses; 10% green area required.

I-2: Heavy Industrial

Highly intensive industrial and manufacturing uses; 10% green area required.

I-3: Planned Industrial/Employment Park

Uses that will minimize detrimental effects on residential and other adjacent areas; a mixture of industrial, research, and office uses with compatible institutional, recreational, and service uses in a manner that will retain the dominant industrial/employment character of the zone; standard minimum tract size of 25 adjoining gross acres; standard minimum lot size of two acres; Conceptual and Detailed Site Plan approval required; 25% green area required; outdoor uses restricted; warehousing and wholesaling uses limited.

I-4: Limited Intensity Industrial

Limited intensity (0.3 FAR) commercial, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution uses; development standards extended to assure limited intensity industrial and commercial development, and compatibility with surrounding zoning and uses; 25% green area required.

U-L-I: Urban Light Industrial

Designed to attract and retain a variety of small-scale light industrial uses in older, mostly developed industrial areas located close to established residential communities; establishes a flexible regulatory process with appropriate standards to promote reinvestment in, and redevelopment of, older urban industrial areas as employment centers, in a manner compatible with adjacent residential areas.