What are the expected environmental impacts on natural habitat, noise levels, and area traffic?

The intent is to redevelop within the existing footprint of the golf course and to limit the removal of trees. Phase II will include site analysis and design, and an evaluation of the environmental and noise impacts on-site and in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

On-site parking will be increased; however, there will be limited parking allowed for track and field events. Any large events will be serviced by shuttles from the main campus. A traffic analysis will be conducted to investigate parking needs, entry and exit access points to the site (including safe pedestrian and bicycle access), along impacts on University Boulevard and surrounding roadways.

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1. What other golf courses or Driving Ranges do you recommend for use during the construction of the University of Maryland Track and Field facility?
2. Why are the number of course holes being decreased?
3. How will this impact the play price at the complex?
4. How long will the golf course remain as it is now?
5. What will happen to the current Paint Branch employees?
6. What additional amenities could be added to the complex?
7. Would nearby communities get preferential access to the amenities (reduced rates, increased access)?
8. How will this affect the current Paint Branch walking/biking trail?
9. Will this project include new lighting for the trail between campus and the new amenities?
10. Will there be adequate parking and restrooms?
11. Why is this a partnership with the University of Maryland?
12. How do you see the Track and Field facility enhancing the Paint Branch Complex?
13. Will golfers have access to the University of Maryland driving range until the Complex’s driving range is replaced?
14. How is this project being funded?
15. Who will cover the costs and supervision of maintenance?
16. Will the University of Maryland consider a new 9-hole senior rate?
17. What is the impact of this development on current residential communities?
18. What are the expected environmental impacts on natural habitat, noise levels, and area traffic?
19. What will happen to the First Tee Program?